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Our Tent | short film

Accepted: Beverly Hills Film Fest

On an extended camping trip with his family, a young boy longs to leave the great outdoors behind and return to school, his friends and his beloved toys. But his parents, blindsided with the reality of their new normal, are at odds with what moving forward means for their future.

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Till We Stop Having Fun 

Written by: Louisa Kendrick[Burton]  |  Directed by Brent Nowak

A romantic comedy about love and life, preferibly without commitment.

This was the very first short film I wrote when I arrived in Los Angeles. I didn’t have any tape from my work in New York and my reps told me to write something short and sweet.  Not as short as anyone hoped it would be, the result was a little rom-com that some friends think autobiographical.

WINNER BEST%20COMEDY%20-%20San%20Diego%20Black%20Film%20Festival%20-%202008

Reality Losers

Written and Directed by Louisa Kendrick [Burton]

A group of misfits are desparate to become the next reality stars. 

I wrote this as a Pilot for a contest. We didn’t place but this short ran FUNNY on Funny or Die for  over 3 years.  


Written by Louisa Kendrick [Burton] & Desiree Parkman  | Directed by Gary Odam

A therapist sets out to make a documentary on the pitfalls of living together before marriage, but her candidates make a mocumentary of her efforts.

This was a blast to collaborate.   There was one gift of a scene in the second segment that highlights filmmaking in LA.

Mommyland Diaries

MOTHERHOOD, is exhausting and hard and hilarious, but mostly hard.  The struggle is real and the only way to survive MOTHERHOOD, is to make fun of yourself and videos to blackmail your children with when the grow older.

Promo 1 - Are you Sleeping?

Introducing Mommyland Diaries - It’s scary how many bumps in the night wake us up, mostly harmless. But sometimes not…The Struggle is REAL.

Promo 2 - Mommy Shenanigans

I’m always up to something. Motherhood is about reliving your childhood and all the holidays that are more fun when you have kids.

Promo 3 - So Many Mommies

Introducing Mommyland Diaries - The Struggle is Real.

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