Louisa Kendrick [Burton]

Actress | Writer  |  Director | Producer

"To force myself into a single role, to decide to be just one thing in life, would kill off large parts of me."

~Hugh Prather

I Change my hair ALOT!!!


Who am I?

I grew up an only child, latch key kid to a single mother raising a daughter in the South Bronx, New York. This provided a rich environment for the theatrical, I mean have you ever watch a crack whore put on tattered pantyhose after a night of debauchery? To keep my childhood as innocent as possible, my mother overloaded the after school schedule with every activity she could barter my entry into. I took swimming, dance classes, church choir, violin, basket-weaving. Uh-huh, I did that!

The New York public school system proved to be worthless, in my mothe's eyes, so she sent me to Catholic Elementary School and then to an all girls catholic high school. ALL GIRLS Y'ALL!. My strict, BAPTIST mom converted to CATHOLICISM, so I could get a quality education, way across the Bronx in Pelham.

That was just geography, my biggest escape from the streets of New York was story telling and re-enacting. When I was home alone, homework finished, instructions not to go outside because of whatever local news crime story plagued our area that week, I would make up dramatic interpretations of what life would be like were I a Huxtable, a Cunningham, a Jenkins, an Evans, or a Brady.

Yep, I watched a lot of television.

There isn't a show from the 70s or 80s that I hadn't seen an entire season of, at least once. I remember Luke's first appearance on Growing Pains. I love-me-some Leonardo DiCaprio.

I grew up as untouched by the harshness of city life as a kid could be. I heard; but saw little, I watched; but never touched, I lived; but never succumbed to the hopelessness that permeated the minds of some counterparts. Then I got out, and I have my Mom PLUS the Huxtables, Cunninghams, Jenkins, Evans and Bradys to thank. Oh, and also the hopes of meeting Leo. 


“Leap and the net will appear"

John  Burrows

Los Angeles is my home now, and evey day I LEAP!

Love and Light,


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